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Diaz-Canel Reaffirms Confidence in Cuban People's Strength


20 de abril de 2018 - take Cuban newly-elected president Miguel Diaz-Canel confirmed today the confidence in the strength and wisdom of the people to overcome the challenges of the Revolution and the construction of socialism.

Another April 19, another victory


20 de abril de 2018 - Taken from Granma
The fact that today Cuba has a new President is not only the result of an electoral process. There is a great deal of responsibility, and symbolism. in this transition from one historical generation to another which was not forged in the Sierra or on the plains in the hard-won victory, but one that has risen to the occasion to preserve the victory, without losing the way, to found, transform, triumph…

A Havana's party to celebrate its 500 aniversary


20 de abril de 2018 - Taken from the ACN
A broad development program is carried out in the Cuban capital on occasion of its 500 years, that will make it more renovated, orderly and clean

Playa Girón Museum attracts tourists from around the world


20 de abril de 2018 - Taken from Prensa Latina
The Giron Museum, the beach where the fight began and ended in 72 hours, on April 19 of that year, shows pieces and explanations that have a significant impact on travelers, especially from Europe and the United States.

About the machete and its stories


20 de abril de 2018 - By Mercedes Hernández
The truth is that the machete has become a symbol of Cuba. When we represent the typical Cuban: the worker, the warrior, that long ago Cuban, they usually bear a machete hanging at the waist, so essential and necessary.

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